Monday, June 14, 2010

PrideFest 2010

We went exploring, because really, put me and an old furnace together and expect me to stay with the group?
Sloss Furnace is a lovely old ruin of a complex, and I would love to go back at night to get some more pictures.
As for PrideFEST? Well, it was okay for a few hours, but got quite boring. I'm a hard sell, and we decided to leave during the sing-a-long. We only missed Tiffany, and I must say, not a huge fan.
All in all, was okay for socializing and fun pictures, not the best music.
Here's one more picture for the road:

Saturday, June 5, 2010

10 Geeky Facts About Me, Myself, and I

I have been found out! 
Yes, I am a little nerdling at heart :) 
Most guys who meet me have no idea, mwahahaha *Guess they were too distracted by my big green eyes to notice my transformers tee, or my marvel hero collection of tee's...or my references to Futurama (woo! new episodes soon!!) or Army of Darkness quotes...Come get some and Groovy aren't obvious references, but you should know!!
Hail to the king, baby. *All hail Bruce Campbell!!* 
Okay back to the post before I get too excited!
Here are the rules:
List ten geeky facts about yourself and Pass this award onto your favorite female geeks!

1. My friends started calling me Ash as a nickname because of Bruce Campbell's Evil Dead series...I was 13.

2. My favorite movie when I was 4 was Edward Scissorhands...And I actually understood it. I cried when he lost his daddy...he didn't mean to kill him!!

3. I started talking at 4 months *seriously, I have video* and reading at three. What did I read you ask? Anatomy textbooks...moms a nurse. I was planning global domination at an early age.

4. I make Nintendo and other geek related crafts.

5. I'd rather stay home and watch the Guild or Firefly, than go out drinking *I likes to drink, but not EVERY night, yeah, I'm an old person at heart*

6. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE books. If I could spend all my days reading (or live in the library), I probably would. I read almost any fiction, but I'm still a snob. I won't read John Grisham or those ridiculous Twilight books. I love sci fi novels. Don't ask me why, but I'm always reading fantasy. I love using my imagination, thats why I make the crafts I do.

7. I love sci-fi. I blame my mother. She got me hooked on Star Trek, Quantum Leap and Buffy. I'm a huge fan of Buffy/Angel/Joss Whedon. More confessions: I love firefly, but secretly love Serenity more. I loved Angel more than Buffy, I actually stopped watching Buffy after Angel left. And I don't read the buffy comic. I know all the words to every song in Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog (thanks, BMPL)... *pause* I also love The Guild... Is it wrong that I point out that Felicia Day is from Huntsville, AL *squeal!! Like ME!* every time I see her in something? :)

8. My favorite author's are: Laurell K Hamilton, Sherrilyn Kenyon, and Charlaine Harris *I read her before it was cool* I would also like to say I am very disappointed in the HBO series.

9. I had a Game Boy when they first came out...Yeah one of those ten pound bricks that went through batteries like crazy, remember? You 'member right?

10. The thing I miss most about my ex *besides the, uh, snugging... Okay, 'snuggling'* is his comic book collection, playing with the metal Optimus Prime I got him for his B'day a few years ago *mwahahahaha I shall rule the world one day!*, and what hurts the most, missing the trip to Comic Con San Diego *cries* I even had a ticket!!! *cries some more*

I have decided to let my dork flag fly...I'm through with caring what others think. Just because I'm attractive and smart, does not mean I have to like there! *sorry, little angry at a few people*

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

iPhone one of top 100 inventions??

Don't get me wrong, I love my iPhone. I can call, text, listen to music, and be on the internet at the same time!! Now that's what I call multi-tasking! But really guys? It was number 8? How about Dialysis Machines? Or Incubators? At least penicillin made the list, right? (too bad I'm allergic!)
"The Apple iPhone has been voted a more important invention than the combustion engine and space travel.

Lance Batchelor, of Tesco Mobile, which carried out the nationwide research among 18-65 year-olds, said: "All of the inventions included in this list have changed the world forever.
"Whether it be something as small as a paper clip, to something which changed the face of the universe like the combustion engine, these amazing feats have all been recognised as truly great.
"It's amazing to see how much the iPhone is valued, sitting alongside inventions such as Penicillin in people's perceptions and being declared a more important invention than miracle gadgets of their own time, such as the compass."

Here's what made the list:
1. Wheel
2. Aeroplane
3. Light bulb
4. Internet
5. PCs
6. Telephone
7. Penicillin
8. iPhone
9. Flushing toilet
10. Combustion engine
11. Contraceptive pill
12. Washing machine
13. Central heating
14. Fridge
15. Pain killers
16. Steam engine
17. Freezer
18. Camera
19. Cars
20. Spectacles
21. Mobile phones
22. Toilet paper
23. Hoover
24. Trains
25. Google
26. Microwave
27. Email
28. The pen
29. Hot water
30. Shoe
31. Compass
32. Ibuprofen (killing kidneys everywhere!)
33. Toothbrush
34. Hair straighteners
35. Laptops
36. Knife and fork
37. Scissors
38. Paper
39. Space travel
40. Kettle
41. Calculator
42. Bed
43. Remote control (making us lazier on the whole)
44. Roof (really? REALLY?)
45. Air conditioning
47. Wi-Fi
48. Cats-eyes
49. Matches
50. Power steering
51. Tumble dryer
52. Bicycle
53. Sky+
54. Tea bags
55. Umbrella
56. iPod
57. Taps
58. Crash helmet
59. Wristwatch
60. eBay
61. DVD player
62. Nappies
63. Ladder
64. Sun tan lotion
65. Lawnmower
66. Make-up
67. Chairs
68. Sunglasses
69. The game of football
70. Sliced bread
71. Sofa
72. Razor blades
73. Screwdriver
74. Motorways
75. Head/ear phones
76. Towels
77. Push-up bra (this wouldn't even make my top 1000)
78. Binoculars
79. WD40
80. Mascara
81. Hair dryer
82. Facebook (no)
83. Escalator
84. Hair dye (bahahahaha)
85. Wellington boots
86. Spell check
87. Calendars
88. Cheese grater
89. Buses
90. Post-it notes
91. Gloves
92. Satellite discs
93. Pedestrian crossing
94. Baby's dummy
95. Curtains
96. Bottle opener
97. Food blender
98. Dustpan and brush
99. Desks
100. Clothes peg

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

At The Crossroads

      I have never failed at anything I have ever tried. I know that sounds stuck up and rings untrue, but it IS true. Everything I have put my mind to I have succeeded in. I was always on the Principles/Deans List, always in the honor society, I was accepted the first time I applied to nursing school, I was accepted into an honors program at the U of A without even applying. I've never truly had to study as much as many of my classmates. Everything has always come so easily. 
       I have failed a lot recently. Failed in a long time relationship, in school, failed myself and my family. Many tell me I'm too hard on myself and others, that I expect too much. Maybe I do. But how do you grow if you don't have a drive, or someone who cares whether you fail pushing you. I care. A lot. So I push, and I realize I need to learn when to back off. I also wish people would realize I do it out of love. I don't profess to know all the answers. In lots of ways I am a very naive person and I am okay with that. I also realize I am a very old soul and can recognize things about myself and others. Which makes most people uncomfortable. I'm not saying I always see everything about myself when I'm in a situation, especially when my emotions are involved. But I can usually recognize things in hindsight that apparently most don't want to see. What's the point of lying to myself? 
        Some people would chalk it up to Karma and leave it at that. I have always put good things into the universe, mostly. I am human, so I do have bad thoughts occasionally, and have done things to hurt others, unintentionally, but still, it hurt. 
       I was told recently that you must fail to grow and become wiser. You must lose to learn the value of what you have.  Well, I must have been ignoring the spirits when they were trying to teach me these lessons, because they have hit me hard with failure and loss this year. According to a very smart lady, I should be honored that the Loa (spirits) have decided I'm worthy to teach.
       I was also told that the spirits have a way of balancing luck, and that I had an overabundance in some areas. I admit I have been very lucky in love and academically. I have a great (for the most part) family and friends. I admit to having never had a guy break up with me before, I always did the breaking. 
      Personally, I have the sneaking suspicion I shouldn't have asked what path I should take. Or maybe I just was ignoring what they were trying to tell me. But I definitely have my answer! They showed me in a big way what path I should take, and showed me I was essentially doing what was expected of me and was not listening to my own heart. Okay, I was, I was just ignoring it. It seemed too depressing that my ex and I had broken up over differences in life goals and here I was changing my mind and taking a different  path, after losing my love. It just seemed to hard to face, but face it I must. 
      So I start on my path to become a neonatal nurse practitioner. Which starts with finishing my ADN, then accepting NAU's Distance Program, and moving to AZ. It's actually kind of funny if you think about it. Funny in a Serendipity (the movie) kind of way. But I don't think this movie will end with me finding him again. I'm fairly certain my time with him is passed. Three years was a pretty good run, right? 
      It's always sad to lose someone so important to you, and learn the hard lesson that most people are just out for themselves. I also realize that my trust issues and having a hard time forgiving contributed to our problems. Also the fact I wanted to wait to get married, until at least one of us was out of school, and one of his goals is to be married by 30, which for him is July 25 of this year. And the fact he thought I was going to vet school in AL, and he didn't want to leave Arizona. 
      One day I might blog about how we met, and just what the odds were of us meeting. When you hear the story, you realize why I thought it was meant to be. It was so random. And don't get me started on the Chinese aspect of the meeting. Let's just say I'm a dragon, he's a monkey and that had special meaning in relation to his family. 
      I guess the point of this blog was to get my feeling out and put down officially what my plans are. For real this time. And to declare that I've grown up, and that I'm sorry it took me so long to see my true path, and that I sacrificed our relationship to my stupidity. I think we could have made a pretty good go of it. But without the breakup I don't know that I would have seen what I needed to change before it was too late anyway. 

I Love Mario! Soooo....

When I get anxious or just need to chill, I happen to craft. I might choose to draw, paint, make a silly cartoon, or make something awesome. I chose awesome this time. So I thought I'd share some of the Mario related coasters I made yesterday. I have a feeling I'll be making lots of things over the summer, but thats a horse of another color. Enjoy! And let me know what you think!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Killing School Children with Knives? WTF?

China has witnessed a series of assaults by knife-wielding attackers on schools in recent years. Many have been blamed on personal grudges or people with psychiatric problems:
_ April 29, 2010: A 47-year-old unemployed man attacked a classroom of 4-year-olds at a kindergarten in Jiangsu province, wounding 28 of them. Two teachers and a security guard were also hurt.
_ April 28, 2010: A man wielding a knife broke into a primary school in Leizhou city in Guangdong province in southern China and stabbed 18 students and a teacher.
_ April 12, 2010: Yang Jiaqin, 40, hacked to death a second grader and an elderly woman near an elementary school in Xizhen village of the southern Guangxi region. The attack came one day before Yang's family was scheduled to send him to a hospital for psychological treatment. He had been diagnosed with a mood disorder.
_ March 23, 2010: Zheng Minsheng, 42, killed eight children in a knife attack at the Nanping Experimental Elementary School in south China's Fujian province. Zheng was executed April 28.
-Associated Press

   Okay, so 4 attacks in the last month. Maybe the pollution is finally getting to the minds of the people. How can someone go into a classroom of four year olds and attack them with a knife? FOUR YEARS OLD! I have met some really insane people in my adventures in nursing school, and no matter how out of it they wouldn't go try to kill a classroom of babies! How did he even get into the classroom? Do they not lock the doors once the kids are there? If not, maybe they should think about it. 
  Goes to show that if someone wants to kill, doesn't matter if they have access to a gun or not, they'll do it. More on this later, when I can actually think straight, I was just so appalled by this I had to make some sort of comment. 

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Can I see your papers?

Arizona, please, please reconsider this horrible law. You are truly one step away from being the Gestapo. It's idiocy I tell you! 
    For those of you who have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about, you know, you people that live in holes and caves in the Midwest (props for finding internet!) Arizona passed a law yesterday that will be used to make fun of Arizona for years. The law requires state and local police to determine the status of people if there is "reasonable suspicion" that they are illegal immigrants and to arrest people who are unable to provide documentation proving they are in the country legally.The law makes failure to carry proof of citizenship a crime (Star of David on our shirts? Or rather in our pockets.) Those who don't produce such documentation can be arrested, jailed for 6 months, or fined up to $25.00. So what is proof of citizenship? Birth certificates, drivers licenses, and social security documents can be faked, fairly easily at that. Some have suggested a national identification card, but that will also be fairly easy to fake. So what will we do? Retinal scans? Chips implanted, like dogs? Where does it end?
    Okay, so explain to me how you can possibly tell if a person is illegal just by looking? Racial Profiling only takes you so far. What about those damn, dirty Canadians? Or the Asians? Or Africans? What about the legal citizens, who just happen to be of Hispanic descent? Speaking as someone who gets flagged at the airport EVERY SINGLE TIME I fly (because they just can't tell what I am,) racial profiling does not work very well. I happen to be a glorious mix of Native American, Irish, English, and German. I look slightly Asian, how's that for an awesome genetic display?) Do I look just "other" enough to be asked to see my ID? Personally, I say bring it Arizona. I shall bring my attorney and we shall see who wins. 
     It makes it a crime to transport someone who is an illegal immigrant and to hire day laborers off the street. Again, how can you tell an illegal who is unemployed from one of the many legal unemployed? 
     The more I read of this law, the more I wonder what some people are thinking? 

Monday, April 26, 2010

My Bucket List, because I just re-watched the movie

Things you have done during your lifetime:
(x) Gone on a blind date (oh the stories about that one, ick)
(x) Skipped school
(x) Watched someone die (sadly too many times)
( ) Been to Canada (not ever been motivated to go)
( ) Been to Mexico (close, but not over the border...I saw mexico though)
(x) Been to Florida (lots and lots of times)
( ) Jumped off a cliff (I'd have to be awfully drunk)
( ) Bungee jump (this I want to try!)
( ) Parasailed (I am definitely doing this next beach trip)
( ) Been to Hawaii (soon!)
(x) Been on a plane
( ) Flown a plane
( ) Been on a helicopter
(x) Been lost (I have a horrible sense of direction, thats why I hike with a buddy)
( ) Gone to Washington, DC (every time I make plans to go someone dies or I get in a car wreck, DC doesn't want me)
(x) Swam in the ocean (and got stung by jellyfish and found a shark tooth!)
(x) Cried yourself to sleep (all too often lately)
(x) Played cops and robbers (hehehe)
(x) Recently colored with crayons (great stress reliever btw)
(x) Sang Karaoke (I was REALLY drunk...yeah)
(x) Paid for a meal with coins only (does a pack of chips count as a meal...I say it does)
( ) Been to the top of the St. Louis Arch
( ) been to NewYork City at Xmas time
(x) Done something you told yourself you wouldn't
(x) Made prank phone call
(x) Been down Bourbon Street in New Orleans (yeah, don't go during mardi gras)
(x) Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose or elsewhere
(x) Caught a snowflake on your tongue
(x) Danced in the rain
(x) Written a letter to Santa Claus
(x) Been kissed under the mistletoe (Yup! Not in the last few years, though)
(x) Watched the sunrise with someone
(x) Blown bubbles (Yesterday actually!)
( ) Gone ice-skating
(x) Gone to the movies (low standards, this is the question for the non-adventurous?)
( ) Been deep sea fishing
( ) Driven across the United States
( ) Visited Asia
( ) Visited Africa
( ) Visited South America
( ) Visited Europe (hopefully next summer!)
( ) Visited Australia
( ) Visited Antarctica
( ) Lived in more than one country
( ) Been in a hot air balloon
( ) Been sky diving
( ) Gone snowmobiling
(x) Lay down outside at night and admired the stars
(x) Seen a falling star and made a wish (saw one last month...can't tell you my wish)
( ) Enjoyed the beauty of Old Faithful Geyser
( ) Been on a cruise (they scare me, women die on cruises)
(x) Traveled by train
(x) Traveled by motorcycle (My whole family rides, my pawpaw used to be a disciple...if you know me well enough you can ask)
(x) Been horse back riding
( ) Ridden on a San Francisco CABLE CAR
( ) Been to Disney World...
( ) Been in a rain forest
( ) Seen whales in the ocean
( ) Been to Niagara Falls
( ) Ridden on an elephant
( ) Swam with dolphins
( ) Been to the Olympics
( ) Walked on the Great Wall of China
( ) Saw and heard a glacier crack
(x) Been water-skiing
( ) Been snow-skiing
( ) Been to Westminster Abbey (nest summer!)
( ) Been to the Louvre (next summer!)
( ) Swam in the Mediterranean
( ) Been to a Major League Baseball game
( ) Been to a National Football League game
(x) Ever been skinny-dipping
(x) Laugh so hard you cry
(x) Follow a map for treasure
( ) Drive a dune buggy
(x) Eaten a "non-traditional" meat (not chicken, pork, beef or fowl)
(x) Ever been on television
(x) Had a conversation with a head of state or other influential person
(x) Thrown a party for no reason at all

( ) learn how to belly dance
( ) Go to Ireland (and kiss the Blarney Stone...gross but it's a must!)
( ) Learn how to salsa dance
( ) Visit Egypt
( ) Get a tattoo (not sure I want to do this one, still debating about it.)
(x)Eat Beignets and drink Cafe Au Lait at Cafe du Monde, New Orleans (mmmmm beignets)
( ) Visit Machu Picchu
( ) Learn to surf

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Hippie, known as Cricket

A very auspicious moment, my first official post on my first official blog. Shall I blog about politics? Current issues in healthcare? Maybe entertainment news?
No I think I'll repost the exact moment I decided I needed a change and changed! A little background: Dated a guy (formally thought to be soul mate) for a tad over 3 years, he cheats, dumps me, and I have to rebuild my plans, hopes, goals, etc. from the ground up. At least I didn't marry him, right?

Tuesday March 30,2010

Current mood: fabulous
Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes
Okay, so having been in the role of the jilted lover these past (almost) 7 weeks, I have found this is a horrible role to play. So I quit! I'm auditioning for a new role and I think I have a pretty good shot. I know the director , we're pretty close, she likes me. I am slowly pulling myself out of self pity and into the land of opportunity. It's a hard transition, but I think it's made me a better person and has brought me into the real world a little more. This experience has taught me a lot and has made me think. I'm not the bright eyed innocent that started a relationship with someone 8 years her senior. It is sad, that the innocent had to die such a horrible death. I will mourn the loss, but this is definitely for the best.
My next role? Well I turned down Cold Hearted Bitch, but I seriously thought of accepting that role. I'm just not that person and do not feel like remaking myself into that would be very healthy. Vet Sci Honors Student, Neonatal Nurse, extreme dork works just fine.
Also having gotten all the venom (well as venomous as I get) out through my previous blogs, I have one thing left to say on the subject of Brian: Good luck with your masters degree, and I wish you happiness in your new relationship.