Monday, June 14, 2010

PrideFest 2010

We went exploring, because really, put me and an old furnace together and expect me to stay with the group?
Sloss Furnace is a lovely old ruin of a complex, and I would love to go back at night to get some more pictures.
As for PrideFEST? Well, it was okay for a few hours, but got quite boring. I'm a hard sell, and we decided to leave during the sing-a-long. We only missed Tiffany, and I must say, not a huge fan.
All in all, was okay for socializing and fun pictures, not the best music.
Here's one more picture for the road:

Saturday, June 5, 2010

10 Geeky Facts About Me, Myself, and I

I have been found out! 
Yes, I am a little nerdling at heart :) 
Most guys who meet me have no idea, mwahahaha *Guess they were too distracted by my big green eyes to notice my transformers tee, or my marvel hero collection of tee's...or my references to Futurama (woo! new episodes soon!!) or Army of Darkness quotes...Come get some and Groovy aren't obvious references, but you should know!!
Hail to the king, baby. *All hail Bruce Campbell!!* 
Okay back to the post before I get too excited!
Here are the rules:
List ten geeky facts about yourself and Pass this award onto your favorite female geeks!

1. My friends started calling me Ash as a nickname because of Bruce Campbell's Evil Dead series...I was 13.

2. My favorite movie when I was 4 was Edward Scissorhands...And I actually understood it. I cried when he lost his daddy...he didn't mean to kill him!!

3. I started talking at 4 months *seriously, I have video* and reading at three. What did I read you ask? Anatomy textbooks...moms a nurse. I was planning global domination at an early age.

4. I make Nintendo and other geek related crafts.

5. I'd rather stay home and watch the Guild or Firefly, than go out drinking *I likes to drink, but not EVERY night, yeah, I'm an old person at heart*

6. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE books. If I could spend all my days reading (or live in the library), I probably would. I read almost any fiction, but I'm still a snob. I won't read John Grisham or those ridiculous Twilight books. I love sci fi novels. Don't ask me why, but I'm always reading fantasy. I love using my imagination, thats why I make the crafts I do.

7. I love sci-fi. I blame my mother. She got me hooked on Star Trek, Quantum Leap and Buffy. I'm a huge fan of Buffy/Angel/Joss Whedon. More confessions: I love firefly, but secretly love Serenity more. I loved Angel more than Buffy, I actually stopped watching Buffy after Angel left. And I don't read the buffy comic. I know all the words to every song in Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog (thanks, BMPL)... *pause* I also love The Guild... Is it wrong that I point out that Felicia Day is from Huntsville, AL *squeal!! Like ME!* every time I see her in something? :)

8. My favorite author's are: Laurell K Hamilton, Sherrilyn Kenyon, and Charlaine Harris *I read her before it was cool* I would also like to say I am very disappointed in the HBO series.

9. I had a Game Boy when they first came out...Yeah one of those ten pound bricks that went through batteries like crazy, remember? You 'member right?

10. The thing I miss most about my ex *besides the, uh, snugging... Okay, 'snuggling'* is his comic book collection, playing with the metal Optimus Prime I got him for his B'day a few years ago *mwahahahaha I shall rule the world one day!*, and what hurts the most, missing the trip to Comic Con San Diego *cries* I even had a ticket!!! *cries some more*

I have decided to let my dork flag fly...I'm through with caring what others think. Just because I'm attractive and smart, does not mean I have to like there! *sorry, little angry at a few people*